Blogging, Banding and Making Bank – The 3 B’s of MLM

If you’re trying to build an MLM enterprise so you can earn more money here are three essential tips to help keep you on the right track:

Blogging – Lead generation should be priority one when it comes to MLM. Don’t think that writing a long list of names on a piece of paper is enough. MLM today is a new ball game. Blogging is your friend and if you use the right keywords, can bring new recruits to you faster than you can find your way to them. Many MLM parent companies help build your blog for you and ever offer training on how to manage it. Take them up on this. You’ll be glad that you did.

Banding (together, that is) – Talk to your upline but don’t always be lead by your upline. Don’t be afraid to ask about your upline’s success and experience. If they can’t explain how you can be successful, find someone who can. Also, don’t forget in MLM – everyone has an upline but not everyone has a downline. To get ahead, your downline has to grow. Forgetting this fact is why 90% of MLM members fail. Never give up. Perform the necessary due-diligence when setting up your venture.

Making Bank – To help ensure an early Return on Investment (ROI), you might want to outsource some of your ad efforts to a company that guarantees signups. When you need professional help to get your business on track, your upline sponsor should be able and willing to discuss issues like guaranteed signups or pre-qualified leads.

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