Getting Started With Video Game Testing – I’ve Got Passion But What Else Do I Need?

What does this exactly entail? Well, before we get into the ups and downs of video game testing I think you need to know that this isn’t quite the dream job that you think it might be. If you want to get a full time job as a video game tester you need to forget some of the things that you may have seen at numerous websites.

The following is a list of things that almost never happen when you get a full time game testing job.

Testers don’t get paid $80 an hour salaries for their work.
Testers hired for full time work don’t work from home. People working from home are almost always doing it for free. Home testers will usually receive a free copy of the game that they are beta testing from home.
Game testers don’t get to make their own work schedules.
Game testers don’t test games just to see if they are entertaining.
If you have zero experience a beta testing job is a great way to improve your resume. However, you need to know that beta testing normally does not pay anything. After going through a few beta testing jobs you will have the credentials to convince a gaming company to give you a shot at a full time job.

The internet can be a great tool that can be used to your advantage. If you love gaming if would be in your favor to start your own gaming blog. It’s free and you can use it for game reviews and to offer tips to fellow gamers. Forums are another great way to meet people in the video gaming world. You can even place a link to your blog in your forum post to advertise your blog space. It never hurts to build relationships in the market that your wanting to break into.

Their is a lot of competition for jobs in the game testing arena. If you have a strong desire to pursue this then your going to need some help along the way. The two links listed below offer additional information on getting started with video game testing. The first link offers additional info on salaries for video game testers and has additional links to other websites on this subject. The second link is to a site that offers a wealth of information on video game testing []. It offers advice on everything from building a

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