How to Get Into Video Game Testing – Taking Steps to Land Your First Testing Job

I know that you have seen numerous websites that will show you how to get into video game testing. They have the slogans talking about the guy that sits around in his bachelor pad wearing nothing but his boxers and wife beater while getting paid $80 an hour to test the latest version of Halo. You’re probably wise enough to realize that things that seem to good to be true almost always are. If you are interested in getting a game testing job and you have zero experience, then you will need to get the following things in order:

Get some experience as a Beta Tester. You will almost always be working for free but you need some experience to build up your resume. This is especially true if you don’t have a degree.
Become more involved in the online gaming world. Start your own gaming blog at It’s free and over time you can build up your blog with game reviews and other video game related info. If you have the means building your own website from scratch would be even more impressive.
Video game related forums are also a great way to build contacts and depending on the forum you could also advertise your website/blog. Getting a positive reputation on a forum can’t hurt when you start filling out your resume.
Get a video game related college degree. I know many of you would like to bypass this step and get directly into game testing. It’s not always a necessity but it sure opens up more doors of opportunity.
If you would like more information on video game testing, including a study of different salaries in the gaming industry , click this link. If you would like to know more about job listings and how to prepare your resume, you need to check out Only 4 Gamers []. The job listings are updated Monday-Friday and they offer hundreds of pages of information on how to get your first testing gig. Good luck to you and never give up on your dreams!

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